Our diversity of experience gives Alaska Engineering a broad, creative perspective to deliver sound, economical engineering solutions. We create the documentation package consisting of calculations, drawings and material specifications required by a jurisdiction to approve and issue a performance permit and necessary for contractors to perform their work.
  Civil and Structural Engineering
Our expertise is engineering residential projects, commercial design, public works and the use of alternative construction methods to meet seismic, wind and snow load analysis.

• Design and engineering of new structures
- Traditionally framed
- Steel framed
- Timber framed
- Log and straw bale homes
- Structurally Insulated Panels (SIPs)
• Historical retrofit
• Bridges and culverts
- Steel beam
- Concrete slab
- Railroad car
• Steel buildings
- Shops
- Barns
- Arenas
• Renovation and expansion of existing residences
• Tenant improvements and expansions of commercial buildings
• Foundation and retaining wall inspection and design
• Drainage studies and designs
• Water and sewer distribution and disposal systems
• Road maintenance evaluation and management

  Project Management
As experts in Critical Path Management (CPM) we understand that “time is money”. Yours and ours.

Permits and Inspections
- Preparing a permit application package can be a daunting task for the uninitiated. Different jurisdictions and agencies have different requirements and they change on a regular basis. We can guide you through the process or perform the tasks on your behalf.

Bids and Contracts – Having the confidence that your construction funds will be well spent is important. We apply our experience in bid review and evaluation, contract negotiation and performance measurement.

Land Development – A challenging and multi-faceted process, we can help you every step of the way:
- Feasibility studies
- Budget and business plan preparation
- Meetings with jurisdictions and agencies
- Representation to planning commissions
- Tentative map preparation
- Environmental review management
- Design of grading, streets, utilities and other infrastructure
- Construction management of build-out

Agencies and Jurisdictions – Several touch points exist to support any project. We work with:
- Planning Commissions
- Community Development Agencies
- City and County Building Departments
- Water, fire, sanitation districts
- PG&E
- US Department of Fish and Game
- Army Corps of Engineers
- Storm Water Prevention Pollution Plan (SWPPP) preparation