Building on our past, we approach each project by collaborating with open communication with the client,
the jurisdiction and extended team as needed to bring your project to completion.
  Design – Collaboration produces the best results. Taking your plan, picture, or idea we work with you to refine the initial concept into a set of architectural plans that represents the look and feel you have in mind.

Drafting – It’s a digital world, and we’re part of it. We can convert your paper drawings, sketches, photos and back-of-the-napkin ideas into the digital files that are the basis for the project. We apply the latest in technology, using AutoCAD, Revit-Architecture and Civil 3D software.

Engineering – When the look and feel of the project is there, the calculating begins. We provide the engineering analysis required to specify all the structural components of your project, from rafters to foundations. We use current tools and technology, including Revit Structure, Enercalc, and other specialized software to generate your engineering package. of the result is a set of drawings, a calculation package and construction material specifications that completely describes your project for contractors and jurisdictions.

Energy Efficiency - It only makes sense. Every project needs to conform to California’s high standards for energy efficiency. We will complete all the necessary and desirable energy designs and calculations (Title 24) as an integral part of your project documentation. Additional energy-saving features can be added to enhance any project.

Permit Applications - Your project is not underway until all the paperwork is complete. We prepare submittal packages for all the jurisdictions you need to work with (city, county, state, or special districts) and follow them up during the entire review process.